Command Line GuideΒΆ

The command line interface (CLI) for this package is microstructpy. This command accepts the names of user-generated files and demonstration files. Multiple filenames can be specified.

To run demos, you can specify a particular demo file or to run all of them:

microstructpy --demo=minimal.xml
microstructpy --demo=all

Demo files are copied to the current working directory and then executed. Running all of the demonstration files may take several minutes.

User-generated input files can be run in a number of ways:

microstructpy /path/to/my/input_file.xml
microstructpy input_1.xml input_2.xml input_3.xml
microstructpy input_*.xml

Both relative and absolute filepaths are acceptable.

The following pages describe in detail the various uses and options for the material, domain, and settings fields of a MicroStructPy input file.

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